Holy, Holy, Holy > MIDI | Reginald Heber / John B. Dykes


Reginald Heber (April 21, 1783–April 3, 1826) was
an English clergyman who had passion in doing
missionary works during the early 19th century.
He also became the Anglican Bishop of Calcutta,
India on June 1, 1823. Aside from being a
missionary and minister, Heber also loved to write
hymns; he dreamt of compiling his own
hymnbook. He wrote several hymns which were
inspired from Bible verses and were used for
particular Sunday services. One of these hymns
was Holy, Holy, Holy, which Heber wrote for
Trinity Sunday and which he based from
Revelation 4.
After three years of serving as the Bishop of
Calcutta, Heber died at the young age of 43,
eighteen days before his birthday. Sadly, the
hymnbook was never compiled before he died.
Fortunately, Heber’s wife found the lyrics of Holy,
Holy, Holy and 56 other compositions and
published them the following year.
In 1861, John Bacchus Dykes (March 10, 1823–
January 22, 1876) who was known to have
composed over 300 hymn tunes, was asked to
create a melody that would go along with the lyrics
of Holy, Holy, Holy. Dykes named the tune Nicaea
after the Council of Nicaea, of which the doctrine of
the Trinity was formulated in AD 325. Heber’s
lyrics and Dykes hymn tune were published
together in the hymnal Hymns Ancient and Modern
in 1861.

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